Royal Jelly Print

Fresh, pure and natural Royaj JellyRoyal Jelly is being produced during May, June and July. This is the only food that bees feed nut, the bee queen-mother of the all bees, on whose health and ability of reproduction depends entire bee community.

Being fed by royal jelly, bee queen can bring down approximately 2000 eggs per day, which amounts to almost twice its weight, and her life takes 40 times longer than worker bees.

We are only in Bosnia and Herzegovina who deliver fresh royal jelly to your home, without mixing with other bee products.

Using Royal Jelly helps in the treatment of many diseases, but healthy people feel in terms of energy efficiency and durability.

Effects of the royal jelly on human:

- Helps the defending system of the organism;
- Strenghts the immunity;
- Increases the energy, durability and physical strenght;
- Stimulates the mental function and recovering the memory;
- Eliminates nervousness and anxiety;
- Stimulates physical growth and development;
- Establishes hormonal balance;
- Regulates blood pressure;
- Reduces the level of lipids and cholesterol in blood;
- Cures infertility in men and women, etc.

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