Propolis Print

Raw PropolisPropolis is collected throughout the season. It is pitchy and aromatic natural substance collected by bees from plant buds and bark of trees. Resin is the main raw material from which the bees produce propolis. Propolis has bactericidal and bacteriostatic ability and like that it is disifectant inside the hive.

We are producing propolis cream and deliver by mail to all parts of the world.

In the literature one can find quite a lot of data on the influence of propolis on the human body in a number of diseases: colds, sore throats, respiratory problems, inflammation, nasal-laryngeal cavity, skin sores, scabies, etc.

Propolis cream we have recommended to friends and acquaintances and they have successfully treated:

- youthful acne,
- inflammation of the sinuses,
- allergies and skin irritation,
- infections around eye, etc.

Once we are convinced of the positive effect, we decided to offer propolis cream for a wider range of customers.

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