The experiences of our customers who used Royal Jelly Print

Usage of royal jelly for our recommendations so far has made a number of results. In this section we are following  the most successful treatments for which we have confirmation from our customers.

Strengthening immunity

People who were taking royal jelly have been confirmed to us that the royal jelly has influenced the strengthening of immunity. People who were often cold said that the total number of colds  during the year have significantly reduced when they started with usage of royal jelly.

Improvement of blood

We had an interesting case. The person who conducted the first treatment of chemotherapy contacted us and began to use royal jelly. He has done the mandatory blood  controls before the second chemotherapy treatment, and doctors could not believe that the blood of patient is better than the one that was before the first treatment.

Beside this case,  we followed  the person who is suffering from hepatitis C and receiving regular treatment. In the course of therapy, it has been concluded regular blood drop, which could come to a halt therapy. Using jelly blood wasn't still falling, but recorded a slight increase, and regular therapy wasn't interrupted and it was completed until the end. People who have low levels of iron in the body,after  using the royal jelly have been confirmed to us that the level of iron significantly increased, and also that after the cessation of use of royal jelly iron level again began to decline.

Menstrual cycle

Women in whom is observed for a long time absence of the menstrual cycle, shortly after taking royal jelly  their menstrual cycle was regulated. Royal jelly had also influence for some women to reduce the duration of the outflow of blood during the menstrual cycle,  there would be a reduction in the duration of the cycle.


Fertility is one of the things that we believe that royal jelly is the best medicine for. When for the first time  one person called us and said that she got pregnant after 20 years of marriage, we were overjoyed! We are especially happy because this trend continues, so every year we hear happy news about new babies. Unfortunately we have no information about how many of our customers taking royal jelly for fertility problems, so that we can not talk about the percentage of success.

Allergies to pollen

People who have had major problems with seasonal allergies to pollen were consuming royal jelly, resulting in noticeably milder symptoms during the season.


People engaged in intellectual work and who work in quite a dynamic and stressful environment, concluded that the royal jelly has calming influence on them.