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Pakovanje matične mliječi u bočicu od 7 mlRoyal jelly is packed in bottles of 7 ml, 9 grams of jelly.

The special precautions are necessary in order to preserve the royal jelly  for a longer period.
Royal jelly is sensitive to light, heat and air. If you leave the royal jelly subjected to light and air, at room temperature for about twenty minutes, royal jelly will completely change its look. From white-yellow, looks like yogurt, would be turned completely into yellow  mass.

Royal jelly must be taken only by the wooden, plastic or glass spoons, not metal.

Because of protection from light, royal jelly must be packed in dark bottles. Immediately after removing from the hive, bottle with jelly  are being placed in the fridge (even during transport). The effect of the air is very damaging, causing packing should be such that in the bottle is no space for air. For this reason the bottle  should not be opened before its use.

Royal jelly packed in this manner can be stored in the fridge for a year, and our opinion is that this is the best way of keeping the royal jelly in their original form. According to some authors recommended keeping is in honey, but royal jelly by its specific gravity is lighter than honey, so it would float to the surface and exposed to air over  whole surface of the bottle. On the other hand, this kind of packaging, rightly, raises doubts among customers. Very often, it can be seen a mixture of honey, royal jelly, propolis powder  and pollen. It is interesting that the content of these products is white, wishing thus to show the similarity with the royal jelly. However, if you in a jar of half kilograms  put 2-3 grams of royal jelly,  remaining 497 grams of mixture will not get white colour.