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Propolis is known as a medicine since ancient times. Aristotle mentions it in his work "Animal Talk" and concludes that it can be used in the treatment of skin injuries, wounds and infections. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) named propolis as "black wax" and believed that the Incas used it against the inflammatory process and high temperature. In ancient Egypt, most educated people of that time were familiar with medicine and chemistry. They used propolis for treatment, and for mumification the bodies of  pharaoh and respectable people. In addition, propolis has been used for food preservation.

Propolis is well used to heal wounds because it has antiseptic, antiviral ability, stimulates tissue regeneration. Coverings of propolis is not painful to take of, because it does not stick to the wound. Propolis has very good effect for treatment of skin diseases.

Propolis works against ulcers, in small quantities normalize stomach secretion function. Regulates the digestive tract and a positive effect on the intestinal movements.

Propolis has no negative effects on the body. Propolis and preparations on its basis have the following  therapeutic effects: serve as a balm, against itching, the antitoxic, reduce blood pressure, affecting the regeneration ...

Propolis can be used for mucous membrane diseases of the nose, sinuses and airways.