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Propolis has a wide range of use. Depending on the method of preparation, there are several ways to use.

Pure propolis

Using pure propolis is very good for treating wounds.  Piece of propolis  should be kneaded, softened  to  creat a thin layer, the size needed to cover the entire wound. Softened propolis put on the wound to act. After some time (day or night) to turn propolis on another (clean side). Pure Propolis is recommended for chewing also, usage in this way helps to treat the gums.

If you need a clean propolis in the solid state you can contact us in any manner specified in the contact area.

Propolis cream

Popolis cream is very suitable for the application.  Considering  the fact that cream is prepared by adding butter to the pure propolis and nothing else, the crem is favorable  for both external and internal application.   For internal use take cream  through the nose, or put a certain amount of cream into  mouth and waited until the cream is dissolved, then swallow.

For the  external application,  desired region of body should be painted in a thin layer.

Because of it’s  simple applications, the large spectrum of diseases in which it can be used, composition, shelf life and other factors, we decided to produce propolis cream.

Water extract of propolis

Water extract of propolis is used 2-3 times daily for 4-6 weeks. Water extract is suitable for internal use. Since the bactericidal properties of aqueous solution are being  reduced by time, it is desirable to spend them within three months.

According to customer specification we make a water extract of propolis. You can contact us in any manner specified in the contact area.